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Barry Dalton, Ph.D – Owner / Senior Botanist and Ecologist

Barry is the owner and Senior Botanist-Ecologist on all projects. As a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Masters and Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Ecology, he has over 25 years experience assessing, conserving, restoring, and managing natural areas throughout Kentucky, and in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Barry started as a contract Field Botanist with the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program where he conducted one of the first countywide Natural Areas Inventories in the state (for Wake County). Of the 60+ natural areas inventoried, including several new discoveries, approximately half have been permanently protected with conservation easements. He was then hired as the first Director of Science and Stewardship for the Kentucky Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, responsible for managing, restoring habitats for rare and endangered species, and conducting research on nearly 10,000 acres of nature preserves across the state. Later, as Director of the Center for Applied Ecology at Northern Kentucky University, he continued designing and implementing habitat restoration and mitigation projects for 10 years through the Stream Corridor and Wetland Restoration Fund (8 county jurisdiction) for the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies. He is currently Ecological Manager and Wetland Scientist for Red Stone Farm Wetland Mitigation Bank through a part-time arrangement with NKU. Habitats Nursery was started in 1997 because of the dissatisfaction experienced obtaining correctly identified and quality native plants from other nurseries for habitat restoration projects. Since the early 1990’s, Barry has been collecting local-genetic seeds and establishing production beds of high genetic diversity.


Jacob Bartley, B.S. – Nursery Manager, Restoration Ecologist, and Botanist

Jacob graduated from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) with a B.S. in Environmental Science and has worked in native plant propagation, natural areas assessment, habitat restoration, and vegetation management for 9 years. He has an extensive knowledge of native plant propagation and years of experience in researching, implementing, and expanding local-genetic seed production in the region. Jacob began as an intern at NKU's Center for Applied Ecology and worked there for 4 years on various stream restoration, forest quality inventory, and wetland restoration projects. He has been working with HABITATS for 8 years and his expertise includes natural areas assessments, native plant propagation, project management, native plant installation, natural areas enhancement and restoration, and native plant landscaping.


Marie Cooper -- Nursery Assistent

Marie is a student at Northern Kentucky University majoring in Environmental Science. She has been working with HABITATS for nearly two years assisting with projects and specializing in the management of HABITATS' containerized live plant stock, native seed production beds, and native seedlings production. Marie has a future interest obtaining a career in natural areas assessments and restoration.


Nursery Assistants

Habitats hires seasonal nursery assistants whom are usually university or college students to help with native plant propagation, native seed collecting, seed processing, and habitat restoration.

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